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Thank you for visiting my Online Store.

The art world is ever-changing and I’m changing with it. You can now buy art direct from the artist. You can choose to buy original art or prints here in my new online store.

Inspiring Artwork

If you’re not already familiar with my artwork, all my Grey Matter Series originals and prints include inspirational quotes / affirmations. I try to inspire subliminally, creating artwork that is modern, unique and has a hidden message. Click here for a video that explains my process.

All art is available in prints as well. I hope to offer canvas prints in the near future.

Shipped from my studio

All original artwork will include a certificate of authenticity. I carefully package your new artwork and ship it directly from my studio. Paintings will arrive in a carton with bubble wrap and all prints will be packed flat in a cardboard envelope.

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Buy Art Direct from the Artist Susan Clifton

Why buy art direct from the artist? The average person does not understand how the artworld works. When an artist sells through a gallery that gallery takes 50% of the purchase price. The artist doesn’t even make 50% because they have the cost of materials and other expenses. Most artists can even get a gallery to look at that work. In this new environment where people can’t visit galleries I want to sell my art directly to the art lover. Please browse my art shop and consider how my art can inspire you and your family.

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